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LEAD is committed to Training Pastors and Leaders and Equipping them.

2 Tim 2:2 "Training Leaders Today for Tomorrow"

Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." 





 “Bringing the Love of Christ back into Our Marriages & Relationships” 

Who should attend: Anyone whose married, in a serious relationship or plans to get married soon.

Where: LEAD International Ministry situated at Highfield Mhuriimwe Sec.     Mangwende Drive West in Highfield  

Time:   2pm to 6 pm (arrive 30 min early to register)

When:  The next Lectures will be on the following dates:-

v  Saturday November 12- Communication

v  Saturday December 10 – Revamping Family Life

v  Saturday Janurary 14 - Finances

v  Tuesday February 14 –Conflict Resolutions

Cost:   $5 per person ( includes handouts and light meal)

Pre-registeration: The Last Wednesday before the Lecture

Enquiry and Registeration 0773-234-156 


Live Your Best Life Serminar

* Seminar on Remorse

 *INS and OUT of Rejection (Seminar)

* Repentance Seminar

* Winning Strategies for Pastors (Workshop)

*  Seminar on Restitution

*  Worship Seminar     (Worship Warriors Seminar)

*Reconciliation Seminar

* Leadership Seminar

*  Seminar on Relationships

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LEAD Mission Statement

To build and equip leaders, mobilizing them to lead others to Christ.

To support effective, indigenous leaders, working primarily in poor countries, by providing resources.

Training of leaders and providing materials for the spreading of the Gospel.

To aid the orphans, widows, less advantaged to a healthier being.

LEAD Strategy

The majority of the world's pastors and leaders do not have the opportunity for formal theological training offered by seminaries. The ministry of LEAD exists to bring essential training to these pastors and leaders for the purposes of helping them develop healthy multiplying church and businesses. We believe that developing the leaders of the third world is strategic focus which will yield long-term sustainable results in transforming our communities.

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